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ไก่(ปลอม)ผัดซอสแดง คุ้ยตู้เย็นได้มาแค่เนี้ย :p ..วันนี้จะ productive ไปไหน ทำกับข้าวกินเองสองมื้อ แถมทำคลิปอีก มุมิ~ #quorn #cooking

Walking down the lane to bring back the bin after Mr. Binman has cleared it this morning~ #peace #countrylife (at Bannel Head)

Made myself a plate of spaghetti aglio e olio .. Super easy and yummy!~ my all time fav type of pasta! #pasta #food #cooking

Just in case you didn’t see it already, here’s my new video on Youtube for this week!~ Enjoy xx

My new favourite album. <3 #itunes #music

I’m still a larva, about to turn into a fly~ … butterfly I mean~ :3 (at Greenhill)

Canella says hello!~ #horse #england #summer #animal (at Crooklands County Show Ground)